Websites need web design for commercial success

Websites need quality web design for commercial success

Times are changing – the digital era is bringing exciting avenues for businesses to try out various options. The average user needs only 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about a website. This statistic itself is a big eye-opener on how a great web design makes or breaks a business.

Nowadays, online shopping has become a distinct way of life for consumers around the globe. eCommerce is the way forward especially now living in a post-COVID era. Consequently, website design has become an interesting aspect that dictates how companies become successful in the market.

Top ways design plays role in website success and business growth

Here are some features that make design an important vehicle for the development of a successful website and business progress.

  • Envisioning a product
  • Torchbearer for product development
  • Boosting company branding and product image
  • Social media buildup
  • Higher user engagement

Let’s talk about these aspects in detail.

Envisioning a product

This is exactly what we mean when we talk about how crucial design is for your product. A customer sits down for an interesting table talk and narrates their business pain points. That’s a starting point that requires a buildup.

For example, what can happen through design activities such as a Discovery Workshop, Design Sprint, and Prototyping, etc? The primary objective is to help visualize what the customer wants through user journeys. That is very much possible in understanding how the user flows for the business cases will be.

Today, it is important to have a digital business transformation through design. This helps companies to understand what will exactly be the look and feel of the product. And most importantly, how users will be interacting with the product.

Torchbearer for product development

Yes, it’s true that we no longer follow the typical waterfall software development lifecycle for our product development. Instead, Agile and related methodologies provide an iterative and incremental approach for gradually building up the products. However, the common factor that always remains is that design is always a prelude to development.

Be it any software methodology you might follow, but design constructs need to be there for developers. So, they truly understand what needs to be developed and grasp the approach for making it happen. Web developers take great pain to understand the flows through design and then code accordingly. Therefore, without design – all the development efforts would be hard to manage.

Boosting company branding and product image

This is one of the hardest statistics to accept. Web design alone forms 75% of the judgment of a company’s credibility (Web Credibility Research from Stanford). That comes to show that having a great design truly uplifts your brand, company, and product image in the market.

Just try to think of some great websites and evaluate them on some common points. For instance, color schemes, logos, fonts, placeholders, CTAs, and how they interact with users. Here, the most profound fact is that simplicity is the best policy.

Website designing is all about giving customers ease of use and helping them navigate through the website without any complexity. But on the surface, it’s also about choosing colors, images, graphics, and fonts that uplift your brand image. So, it relates to both, user interface and user experience.

When you think of white and blue, your mind instantly moves to Facebook. Google smartly uses red color on YouTube to make it a simple but easy narrative for a video streaming website.

Make sure to choose a design layout as per your brand’s image. Do not follow random design trends that may not go well with what you represent as a business. So, decide on great design elements consistent with your business needs to stand out from the crowd.

The majority of businesses now have a very easy one-page philosophy with great art in their content work. It makes websites easier to browse without having complexity in traversing across multi-pages. Even the typography and fonts make a huge difference.

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Social media buildup

Presently, a lot of companies just see SEO/SMM as a tool for getting users on their websites. What if social media can also go hand in hand with your website? Any user interaction that initiates from your social networking profiles can move up for a solid follow-up through the website.

Similarly, your website should also help in making users feel interested in your overall online presence. It can persuade users to keep checking your social media activities online. UI/UX design is an aiding guide for buildup on social media.

You can launch new products, services, and promotions for users on social pages. Everybody likes to remain active on social media and interact with people and brands. Accordingly, you can receive a better response in comparison to businesses that are not able to fully explore this element.

At times, customer engagement and user experience matter the most. They help you elevate your business to attract more consumers. This is why it’s important to integrate social media with your website. Also, ensure you rank on the first page on Google and other search engines for relevant queries.

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Higher user engagement

What are the criteria for website success in the digital world? Truth be told, it’s all of the below options.

  • Is it necessary to have a very cool website with lots of traffic?
  • Do you need a website that enables greater social media enablement?
  • Is it more important to get a higher return on investment?

On day-end, all of these events need to happen to make your website a true commercial success. And it starts with having a decent userbase to come on your website and make a purchase. This indeed requires a lot of hard work.

But great user experience helps you upraise the way users react to the website. The primary objective is to bring users and engage them with your offerings. And your ultimate goal is to move users towards purchasing your products and services. Thus, remember that greater user engagement is a crucial factor in that aspect.

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Parting thoughts

Just realize that 48% of users believe website design is the #1 factor when judging a business’s credibility. While 67% of customers are prospective to purchase from a mobile-friendly website. This means a properly through-out design can be a very sound element for your company’s growth and business expansion. It begins with making the right choices on hiring the perfect resources.

Then, you empower them to work on the right design activities you want to initiate for your website development project. Always act upon a plan where you make sure to follow all core use-cases of your business. So that you don’t miss out on anything.

Also, it’s important to have a clear idea of the type of brand or company image you want to build. This can be a leaf from your existing company’s brand image. Or maybe you can revamp your company image completely to do a more effective rebranding.

Ultimately, you get a higher chance of market success by hiring the right fit of website developers and designers. Talk to us about your website design and development options. Together we can visualize a successful website that will have user engagement and achieve commercial success.

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